:Guehring the tool company
Introduce Guhring company

G      uhring Korea production plant in Dang-jin           was established in March of 1990. and Guhring Korea has created HSS drills, CARBIDE drills, END Mills and so on. It was possible because of the high-end equipment and technology of 100 years of Germany and know-how, and development/research of Guhring Korea's employees.

"Guhring is one of the best precision tool product company. For high productivity and excellent economic efficiency and The best processing results Guhring create and design the tool by the principle of over 100 years."

Also Guhring Korea was established PCD production plant in 2006. as a result, Guhring Korea has Own Carbide Products, Machine Tool and Coating Technology Division. Guhring Korea always create/manage With high quality standards. and operating service center in Ulsan for the fastest service.

  • 1988 April
  • 1989 October
  • 1990 March
  • 1992 March
  • 1996 October
  • 1996 december
  • 1998 July
  • 1999 April
  • 2001 January
  • 2001 Sebtember
  • 2006 Match
History of Guhring Korea

"Guhring Korea has the technology and know-how about 100 years of Guhring Germany."

Guhring Korea is leading the tool market about 20 years. In addition to it prepare for the future through the ongoing investment and development.

Guhring Korea Location/Site

Dang-jin product center :
#895, Munbong-li, Myuncheon-myun, Dangjin-gun, Chungcheongnamdo, Korea

Seoul sales center :
Rm B-820, Ace Gwnagmyeong Tower, #1365, Soha-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Ulsan sales & service center :
no. 233, Ulsan APT factory, #812-1, Hyomun-dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan-si, Korea